Wellington Cosmetic, our sister Clinic, is the Capital’s newest and most diverse Clinic, offering a comprehensive range of Aesthetic and Therapeutic treatments, all under one roof and all administered by fully qualified Medical, Dental and Nursing Professionals.

The Clinic has been established by Dr. Robert Watcyn Jones, a Dental Surgeon with 35 years international experience and his son, Dr. Tom Watcyn-Jones, a renowned Harley Street (UK) Plastic Surgeon. The Clinic has since been joined by Dr. Roderick Mulgan, a Medical Practitioner and barrister, Dr. Michelle McSweeney, a Dental Surgeon, Nicole Lara and Suzan Huhana Maddock, both Registered Nurses and Aimee Dalton, a Qualified Beauty Therapist.

The Clinic has been created with the aim of offering treatment options encompassing:

  • Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Appearance Medicine
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Therapeutic use of Botulinum

Whilst we do not claim to provide all non-surgical, aesthetic or dental options, we pride ourselves on offering, quite simply “Treatments that work”.

30 Taranaki Street, Wellington

Phone Wellington
04 385 9555

Free call (landlines only)
0800 111 111


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