Fillers are the best option for lip enhancement. For the area around the mouth e.g. upper lip lines, skin rejuvenation treatments can help reduce the lines, or enhance the effectiveness and longevity of filler products. The choice of products used depends on the clients request. Fine products for fine lines, subtle lip definition and rehydrating the loops, or thicker stronger products for fuller lip volume and shape enhancement.


Appearance Medicine

Anti-wrinkle Consultation 50 *
Xeomin®/Bocouture® Anti-wrinkle Treatments 12 per unit
Areas 250 1 area
450 2 areas
500 3 areas
Dysport® and Botox® POA
Dermal Filler Consultation 50 *
Lip Augmentation 380 ½ ml
550 1 ml
Volumizing filler 750 for 1st ml
500 for 2nd ml (same day appointment)
400 for 3rd ml (same day appointment)
Tear Troughs 650

* Fees redeemable against any clinic treatment
All prices in NZD including GST.

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