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1 month ago

🦷 Dental Fact 🦷

Did you know leaving some toothpaste in your mouth can help stop decay?
We get a lot of patients with early signs of decay, or what we call demineralisation. One thing you can ... See more

1 month ago

If a picture days a 1000 words, a brand new smile says a million. Heavily worn teeth protected from grinding, built up composite filling material. Eventually will convert to esthethic porcelain ... See more

2 months ago

We have our branch in Wellington City offering the same professional and friendly service. Book online on or email us on [email protected]


Dr. Jones aswell as the other staff have all been lovely to me over the past few days! Would not even consider going to another dental clinic.

Jennah Rameka

Today I had Dr. Akash, he was super professional & caring, i was a mess lol �!! Very patient & understanding. Thank u so much!!!!

Katherine Adamson

Such a great team of people, would highly recommend!
Thank you all for your support and caring nature!!

Becs Upston

Just had the best dental check up , clean and polish! Thanks Michelle and team at Masterton Dental.

Philippa Hendron

Absolutely fantastic service, all and I mean all staff are lovely. Ishani is my dentist and has done an amazing job from beginning to end. I’ve gone from someone who was petrified of dentistry to someone that happily plonked down in the chair today for another Root canal and enjoyed a few episodes of Painting with Bob Ross while Ishani and Charlotte worked their magic. P.s…Hannah and the other ladies on the front desk are always a guaranteed laugh! Exceptional!!!

THIS TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS LED BY AKASH IS UNIQUE. Triple A + experience having a crown installed.

Bronwen Markham

Haha! Never thought I would “like” a dental page on Facebook! Thank you team for your gentle care this week. Being “over anxious” i.e. terrified, is not a choice. Signing up for treatment is a difficult choice for me. Dr Akash Kota and his team with their reassuring kindness have worked their magic during an afternoon in their care. Thank you so much. I was comfortable during and after treatment.

Takeaway message… if you are scared, face the fear, explain to the professionals and trust that they will understand, advise and support you. Thanks team.

Carole Wheeler

Akash rocks, he was very friendly and made me relaxed before he pulled my wisdom tooth.
Made me at ease, thanks for the service and definitely would go back.

Rakesh Raghunandanan

All the staff at Masterton Dental are very friendly, approachable and professional. I found their level and continuity of care to be second to none and I highly recommend them for all dental work. Any concerns I had were put to rest immediately and I actually enjoyed my appointments rather than dreaded them. I had a number of different procedures and all work was completed to the highest standard.
Thanks Masterton Dental.

Mike Chalklen

Went in for a regular check up and the dentist took great care while scaling, no pain at all. Also gave great advice on how to maintain oral hygiene 🙂

Vishwa Gangapuri


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Our Story

In 2004, Dr Paddy Greville and Dr Robert Jones joined forces to form The Dental Clinic in Masterton, providing the community with a full range of Dental, Surgical and Orthodontic services. With the well earned retirement of Paddy in 2016, after having given over 35 years of service to the Wairarapa, Dr Akash Kota to joined as an Associate in January 2016.

We began a series of revamping and refurbishing the infrastructure, part of our transition was to rebrand ourselves as Masterton Dental. Akash joined as a partner subsequently has taken over the clinic. In 2019 the technological upgrades included a Dental Cone Beam CT which allows 3D rendering of the jaws for placing dental implants with minimal trauma and wisdom teeth removal. Additionally we got a Primescan CEREC which can fabricate same day crowns and smile makeovers in one visit. As of 2020 we have grown our clinic family to include Dr Bashar Al Kadhi and Dr Ishani Sukumaran and embrace the latest technology and treatment concepts. We are proud to have amazing staff and provide world class dental treatments right here in the Wairarapa!

We do:

  • General and Emergency Dentistry
  • One visit CEREC crowns and smile makeovers
  • Dental Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Sedation dentistry

In June 2021 Dr Akash Kota has opened a sister clinic in the heart of Wellington, Novo Smiles Wellington.